“That was not our ship, but we were its crew”

This is how the SHAPEMESS announced their journey on the planet  WORLD9

The first track we presented to Dario Tonani, duringi stranimondi 2018, was, indeed, Cardanica.  We started exactly as the autor started his brilliant serie. In 2019 it was the time for Picadura, supported by Omar Serafini di Fantascientificast.

On December 2020 we launched our first album in digital release: “Dario Tonani’s Cronache di Mondo9 OST” in the last Urban Nights broadcast of 2020. Exellent host, and many thanks to him: Jack Chiarella.

What about this year?

Finally, the year 2023 will see the physical release of our first album dedicated to World9, scheduled on Jan 25th. More than one hour of electronic music that will take you and lead you in the desertic, claustrophobic, extreme atmospheres of World9.

Meanwhile, enjoy a couple of pictures with the previews of the artwors, made by the fmous illustrator Franco Brambilla.  DO know, moreover, there will be a couple of surprise tracks to extend the opera.

–  Naila’s theme, dedicated to tha main character in the novel published by Oscar Fantastica Mondadori; and another bonus track that we want to reveal as a surprise…